Sterling Silver
Changes in body chemistry can effect the tarnish rate on sterling silver jewelry. Amino Acids in the perspiration contain sulfur or sulfides and the presence of sulfur or sulfides accelerates the rate of tarnish. Changes in hormone balance during adolescence or change of life in women has been known to change the bodies chemistry. Medications or chemotherapy can also effect the body chemistry. Some cosmetics and skin lotions can also accelerate tarnishing in silver or lower karat gold jewelry. Try cleaning your silver jewelry in dish washing detergent and water after wearing it, be sure to completely dry it. This will help remove skin oils or perspiration and may help keep silver jewelry clean and bright longer.

Product Care

Remove: Take off your jewelry when using harsh chemicals, applying beauty products or perfume and avoid extreme heat or cold.


Avoid water: Always remove your jewelry before entering water. Water may dull your jewelry.


Protect: Coating your jewelry with a clear nail polish, not only protects your jewelry's finish, but may help to prevent an allergic reaction if you are sensitive to metals. The polish creates a barrier between your skin and the metal.


Cleaning: Our jewelry is made with real metals which may naturally tarnish with time. To keep it looking as good as new, gently rub all pieces with dry polishing cloth in a circular motion. To polish sterling silver jewelry pieces, use a sterling silver polishing cloth.


Handle with care: The glass in our Floating Lockets and Glass collection is fragile and can break.


Pearls Product Use & Care
Pearls are produced by nature; therefore, their beauty is unique and very special. Follow these steps and your Pearl will retain its beauty, luster and value:  Always remove jewelry before bathing or washing dishes.  Apply hairspray and perfume 10-15 minutes before wearing your jewelry.  To clean your Pearls, apply table salt to a wet cloth and gently rub.  Dry and polish with a soft, clean cloth.  If you choose to open your oyster at home to reveal your pearl, please use caution.  Stamped 4 You is not responsible for any injury occurring while opening your oyster. 

Pearls are natural freshwater or saltwater. Pearl color, shape and size will vary.