TAM - Story Bracelet

TAM - Story Bracelet
TAM - Story Bracelet
TAM - Story Bracelet

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As an addict’s MOM we must SPEAK up We must tell our story to raise awareness And let other mom’s know they are never alone We must spread the word that REHABILITATION not INCARCERATION Is the only way to gain control of this war Stand together Others will not understand as they have not walked a mile in our SHOES Most of all, never give up HOPE!


Bracelet Description: Approx 63mm outside dimensions, 1.5mm thick. Alloy

Charms: Alloy


For every one of this specific bracelet sold, BellaFlutter (previously Stamped 4 You) will donate $3 to “The Addict’s Mom,” a group focusing on the mothers of addicted children. The Addicts Mom was started by Barbara Theodosiou when she found out two of her sons were addicted to drugs. Out of despair, she created TAM, a place where moms could have the freedom to share their pain without feeling the shame that often comes with having a child who is an addict. Making a difference one mom at a time! http://addictsmom.com/

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